Welcome to 6th Grade Mathematics!

This year your child will learn math using Primary Mathematics, a Singapore Math approach. The concepts that will be covered include: Fractions and Decimals, Operations of Fractions, Percentages, Ratio and Proportion, Rate and Speed, Algebra and Geometry.

What is Singapore Math?

The Singapore Math program aims to equip students with sound concept development, critical thinking and efficient problem-solving skills.
Features of the Primary Mathematics series:
  • Mathematical concepts are introduced in the opening pages and taught to mastery through specific learning tasks that allow for immediate assessment and consolidation. 
  • The bar modeling method enables students to visualize and solve mathematical problems quickly and efficiently.
  • The Concrete > Pictorial > Abstract approach enables students to encounter math in a meaningful way and translate mathematical skills from the concrete to the abstract.
  • The pencil icon provides quick and easy reference from the Textbook to the relevant Workbook pages.  The direct correlation of the Workbook to the Textbook facilitates focused review and evaluation.
  • New mathematical concepts are introduced throughout a spiral progression that builds on concepts already taught and mastered.
  • Metacognition is employed as a strategy for learners to monitor their thinking processes in problem solving.  Speech and thought bubbles provide guidance through the thought processes, making even the most challenging problems accessible to students.
  • Color patch is used to invite active student participation and to facilitate lively discussion about the mathematical concepts taught.
  • Reviews in the Workbooks for 1A-1B and regular reviews in the Textbooks and Workbooks for 2A-5B provide consolidation of concepts learned.
  • The glossary effectively combines pictorial representation with simple mathematical definitions to provide a comprehensive reference guide for students.
    Materials used: Textbooks 6A and 6B and Workbooks 6A and 6B and a composition notebook for daily notetaking and some homework assignments


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